Alternative to Terraform Cloud

env0 is a multi-framework Terraform Cloud and Enterprise alternative built for self-service, enhanced collaboration, granular workflows and configurations, and advanced cloud cost measurement. Supporting Terraform, Terragrunt, CloudFormation, Pulumi, Kubernetes, and other tools, env0 enables users and teams to jointly govern cloud deployments through powerful automation and key capabilities such as automatic drift detection, granular governance, and custom flows.

Self-service, unlimited concurrency, Terragrunt run-all, and custom defined policies & guardrails are just some of the major benefits of using env0 over Terraform Cloud.

DevOps teams that collaborate with env0 accomplish more. Reducing time to deploy, and enabling developers to get their work done without causing interruptions saves huge amounts of time, and enables you to deploy better applications to your end users.

Why is env0 a Terraform Cloud alternative?

Unlimited concurrency

Terraform Cloud’s fee for each concurrent run can add up quickly. With env0, large environments are no problem. We can handle all the plans and applies you can throw at us. In parallel.

Unify disparate IaC tools

Chances are that you have more than just Terraform, the only framework Terraform Cloud supports. With env0, you can use the best-of-breed Infrastructure as Code tool for any need, including Terragrunt, CloudFormation, Pulumi, Kubernetes, and more.

Audit logs and deployment history

Your infrastructure is your application. env0 provides at-a-glance transparency between deployed resources and the exact apply/deployment that created or last modified it, including an env0 app audit log. Take the guesswork out of IaC.

Reduce risk from manual Infrastructure as Code processes

Fully unlock the benefits of your Infrastructure as Code investment

Seamlessly tie Infrastructure as Code into existing observability platforms, expand access to more teams, and increase Infrastructure as Code reuse with self-service, RBAC, private module registries, and cost management.

Create IaC-centric CI build pipelines

Instead of outsourcing with webhooks in Terraform Cloud, you can integrate whatever tools you need into env0’s custom flows. Streamline IaC with centralized, repeatable Infrastructure as Code pipelines with automated drift detection, plan and apply on pull request or merge, security scanning, and human-readable deployment logs.

Control IaC access with your own identity provider

Single Sign On (SSO) through SAML or OIDC means that infrastructure as code now speaks identity management. Define specific roles with Granular RBAC.

Measure actual cloud cost

Visualize and control the estimated cost impact from every Infrastructure as Code change, and follow up with actual costs once deployed.

Build reusable IaC components

Templates capture configuration, variables, and credentials needed to run an automation, functioning similar to a service catalog complete with time-to-live, approvals, and scheduling.

With env0 we can streamline our Terraform deployments easily, and their project structure helps us manage them on a large scale. We can now maintain a large number of projects, and env0's Terraform provider ensures that the process is scalable, especially when we have to deal with multiple cloud accounts.

Henry Tze

Cloud and IaC Security Engineer

env0 vs. Terraform Cloud

Terraform Cloud
Multi framework


Terragrunt (including run-all)


AWS CloudFormation


Custom Flows


No others

Variable and secret granularity
5 layers







3 layers


Per workspace

Variable sets


Static/Per workspace


Cost Estimation only

Developer and ephemeral environments



Single-threaded only

Policy as Code

Open Policy Agent

Vendor locking framework

Drift detection






On all paid tiers

Automatically sync your SAML teams

No for most customers

AWS assume role

Not available

Plan and apply on Pull Request (Atlantis-style workflow)

Plan on pull request only

Unlimited concurrent runs


Not available

Highly available

Yes, with an SLA

Yes, with an SLA

Flexible support model






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env0 is the best way to deploy, scale, and manage your Terraform and other Infrastructure as Code tools.

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