Alternative to Atlantis

env0 is an Atlantis alternative that provides a better git-based workflow for all of your teams' Infrastructure as Code (IaC) needs. As a developer, it can be a pain to context switch between user interfaces to interact with your IaC deployments. You are familiar with controlling your IaC automation and deployments right from Git using Atlantis. env0 empowers your developers and DevOps teams with this workflow, and improves upon it by adding capabilities your team needs.

env0 PR Comment Commands, or Plan/Apply on Pull Request (PR), enables you to use targeted PR comment commands to centralize your Terraform, Terragrunt, Pulumi, CloudFormation, Helm, and Kubernetes IaC management and control. You can now catch errors before an apply, and most importantly, before a breaking change is merged to master.

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Why is env0 the best alternative to Atlantis?

Unlimited concurrency

Atlantis plan and applies can slow down at scale, leaving your DevOps team waiting. With env0, large environments are no problem. We can handle all the plans and applies you can throw at us. In parallel.

Flexible workflows

One size doesn’t fit all. In dev, you may want to apply before merge, but in prod you want to apply after merge. env0 enables you to match functionality to your desired outcome.

Unify disparate IaC tools

Chances are that you have more than just Terraform, the only framework Terraform Cloud supports. With env0, you can use the best-of-breed Infrastructure as Code tool for any need, including Terragrunt, CloudFormation, Pulumi, Kubernetes, Helm and more.

Audit logs and deployment history

Your infrastructure is your application. env0 provides at-a-glance transparency between deployed resources and the exact apply/deployment that created or last modified it, including an env0 app audit log. Take the guesswork out of IaC.

Concise results

PR comments and feedback are already crowded enough. env0 appends additional command output to the original comment we created. You get all the output needed in one comment, without needing to scan through dozens of PR comments to understand what happened.

Fully managed and supported

Let us handle the complexities of making sure this critical function is updated, and always-on deployments with built-in platform high availability. env0 customer success is here to ensure your work gets done.

Gain end-to-end IaC visibility

Get at-a-glance visibility into what might change, full deployment history, and audit logs to ensure you know what’s happening with your Infrastructure as Code at all times. Improve issue correlation and security by exporting IaC run logs to your logging platform of choice.

Control IaC access with your own identity provider

Single Sign On (SSO) through SAML or OIDC means that infrastructure as code now speaks identity management. Define specific roles with Granular RBAC.

Measure actual cloud cost

In addition to predicting the estimated cost impact from every Infrastructure as Code change, env0 supports smart automatic tagging and follows up with actual costs once deployed. This is extremely helpful for usage based cloud resources pricing.

Teams that collaborate with env0 accomplish more. Reducing time to deploy, and enabling developers to get their work done without causing interrupts for SREs saves huge amounts of time, and enables you to deploy better applications to your end users.

BigID chose env0 to manage all of our Terraform deployments to the cloud. The flexible and dynamic governance in env0 is built perfectly to our needs.

Valery Zhurbenko

Cloud Solutions Architect

env0 vs. Atlantis

Multi framework


Terragrunt (including run-all)


AWS CloudFormation



Custom Flows



No others

Variable and secret granularity
5 layers









Cloud cost

Cost Estimation (with integration)

Developer and ephemeral environments




Policy as Code

Open Policy Agent

With integration

Drift detection






On all paid tiers

Automatically sync your SAML teams


Private Registry


Plan and apply on Pull Request (Atlantis-style workflow)

On Terraform and Terragrunt

Unlimited concurrent runs



Highly available

Yes, with an SLA


Flexible support model



Remote backend


See what env0 can do for you

env0 is the best way to deploy, scale, and manage your Terraform and other Infrastructure as Code tools.

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