Run-All Support for Terragrunt Workflows

Automated provisioning of Terragrunt workflows and Infrastructure as Code

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Unlimited Concurrent Runs

Cost Monitoring

Role Based Access Control

Custom Flows (bash, python, Ansible, etc.)

Private Module Registry

Automatic Drift Detection

Slack and Teams Notifications

Running Terragrunt with env0 empowers teams


Get a collaborative remote-run environment to perform deploys and simplify the governance of cloud deployments for Terraform and Terragrunt.


Gain visibility into infrastructure changes with detailed plans and applies directly on every Git pull request.


Implement RBAC across five hierarchy tiers including users and teams, Git repos, cloud accounts, environments, and workflows.


Set up guardrails with policy-as-code using the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework.


Apply changes to cloud environments before or after merging the branch.


Automatically detect drift in every environment.

env0 Manages The IaC Pull Requests and Merge Flow

Teams that collaborate with env0 accomplish more. Reducing time to deploy, and enabling developers to get their work done without causing interrupts for DevOps and SRE teams saves huge amounts of time, and enables you to deploy better applications to your end users.

We chose env0 to manage all of our AWS Terraform-based deployments. Thanks to env0, we can now collaborate and manage our environments, leveraging GitOps and governance workflows.
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Radek Dors

SRE Lead

Automation enables teams of all sizes to do more by shifting left–automate critical IaC workflows once, and everyone on the team has access. You can even control IaC plan and applies through comments in your Version Control System (VCS) Pull Requests.

What You Need to Get started

In-app guides will help you along the way, but there are a few things you will need:


A version control system like GitHub, GitLab, etc. public or private is ok!


IaC Code (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormation, Terragrunt, Pulumi, Kubernetes, etc.)


A Cloud account (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)

Or, check out the full getting started guide.