2023 Infrastructure as Code Roundtable Webinar

From economic headwinds to breakthrough technologies, 2023 was a year like no other. Join env0 CEO Ohad Maislish, AWS Senior Developer Advocate Chris Short, MGM Resorts Principal Enterprise Architect Brandt Meyers, and Dell Lead Developer Advocate Kat Cosgrove, for a candid discussion of the past, present and future of IaC.

In 2023 DevOps teams are going to have to do more with less, meaning the need to get the most out of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) initiatives has never been greater. In this webinar, our panel of experts will offer their best advice on how teams can leverage IaC to get safer software out the door faster.

Listen in to learn:

  • Why IaC initiatives are more critical to the business than ever before*
  • How to deal with an IaC skills shortage gap
  • Why (and how) teams must balance infrastructure independence with collaboration 
  • What will happen to IaC in 2023 (and a look back at 2022)

* Hint: the infrastructure is the application

Ohad Maislish
Co-Founder and CEO at env0
Chris Short
AWS Senior Developer Advocate
Brandt Meyers
Principal Enterprise Architect at MGM Resorts International
Kat Cosgrove
Lead Developer Advocate at Dell

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