env0 + Terraform

Terraform is a popular Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) framework that empowers users to define, provision, and manage cloud resources in a reliable and automated manner.

Yet, as  deployment scales up, handling Terraform can get increasingly demanding. That's where env0 steps in, bridging the gap with added security, governance and reliability features.

Our platform is compatible with all open-source Terraform versions (v1.5.x and below) and seamlessly integrates with OpenTofu, a new open-source Terraform alternative.

Terraform Hero

Step up you Terraform game

Rapid cross-team adoption

Deploy Infrastructure-as-Code guardrails to help developers write, deploy, or manage infra code with ease and confidence.

Leverage approval flows, OPA integration, and role-based access controls to operate at scale without risk, break down silos, and help teams get work done.

Advanced IaC automation

Bake automation into your IaC pipelines through plan and apply on a PR or merge. Use visualization features to craft advanced CI/CD workflows and proactively spot issues, before they impact your production, your users or your business.

Proactive reliability features

Enhance customer experiences, improve reliability, and reduce time to resolution with pre-apply checks, drift management, deployment templates, and other IaC-centric troubleshooting capabilities, that make solving big problems easy.

IaC specialized pipelines

Structure your plans with IaC-focused pipelines, integrating your preferred tools into custom flows, instead of relying on Terraform Cloud’s webhooks. You can build your flows using the tooling of your choice.

End-to-end monitoring

Gain at-a-glance visibility into what might change, full deployment history, and audit logs to so you know what’s happening with your infrastructure at all times.

Improve issue correlation and security by exporting IaC run logs to your logging platform of choice: Splunk, Datadog, New Relic, etc.

Flexible GitOps flows

Build a dynamic GitOps workflow for IaC actions on git pulls and merges

Reduce time and energy for teams while supporting continuous deployments and infrastructure provisioning in a consistent, automated, and reliable manner.

Smart drift remediation

Stay one step ahead of all discrepancies between target environments and source infrastructure code, with automated scheduling, smart drift detection, and other IaC reliability features.

IaC SDLC integration

Utilize deployment history, workflow triggers, visual change outputs, and other purpose-built CI features to seamlessly manage cloud deployments alongside your existing application development pipeline, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined process.

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