env0 + Terraform

Terraform is an open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool that allows users to define, provision, and manage cloud infrastructure resources in a repeatable, automated manner. But as team sizes increase, managing terraform code and becomes more challenging. Running Terraform at scale requires automation and management not offered by terraform alone, and env0 is here to help.

Do more with Terraform and env0

Rapidly adopt Infrastructure as Code across teams

With Infrastructure as Code guardrails, developers at any skill level can safely write, deploy, and manage infrastructure code. OPA, approval workflows, variable management, and RBAC keep your critical resources safe while enabling devs to get their work done.

Manage cloud deployments and IaC alongside existing application development pipelines

Infrastructure is critical to your applications and business. env0 IaC CI provides deployment history, workflow triggers, visual change outputs, and more.

Keep drifting for cars, not IT infrastructure

Automated drift management alerts to changes between target environments and source infrastructure code.

Improve collaboration and reliability with GitOps

Automated IaC actions on git pulls or merges. Reduce time developers spend waiting for IaC deployments.

Gain end-to-end IaC visibility

Get at-a-glance visibility into what might change, full deployment history, and audit logs to ensure you know what’s happening with your Infrastructure as Code at all times. Improve issue correlation and security by exporting IaC run logs to your logging platform of choice.

Create IaC-centric CI build pipelines

Instead of outsourcing with webhooks in Terraform Cloud, you can integrate whatever tools you need into env0’s custom flows. Streamline IaC with centralized, repeatable Infrastructure as Code pipelines with automated drift detection, plan and apply on pull request or merge, security scanning, and human-readable deployment logs.

Catch Infrastructure as Code issues before they make it to production

Improve customer experiences and reduce time to resolution with Infrastructure as Code testing and verification, pre-apply checks, advanced drift management, Infrastructure as Code templates, and clearly visible pre-apply change logs. Troubleshooting IaC problems has never been easier.

Automate IaC pipelines

Clearly visualize what every IaC change will do to the target environment through plan and apply on a PR or merge. Build sophisticated CI workflows that are run each and every time.

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