Teams and Governance - Establish RBAC and OPA Guardrails

Establish RBAC and OPA guardrails for users who can apply infrastructure changes and easily set up the relevant rules.

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Visibility, Predictability and Governance on Your Cloud Deployments

Easily create an access control model based on rich context like: users and teams, Git Repos, cloud accounts and environments

Set up policy-as-code guardrails based on the Open Policy Agent framework

Leverage env0’s robust resource tagging capability to correlate the actual cost overtime with your deployments

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Granular RBAC

Easily manage an organization of separate business units, teams, users and projects with granular role based access controls (RBAC). Limit access to production and restrict users/teams capabilities on all cloud resources.

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Users Hierarchy

Define groups of users that match your organization's real-world teams and assign them only the permissions they need.

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Private Module Registry

Our Private Module Registry lets DevOps teams create trusted and re-usable modules while enabling versioning enforcement within their organization. You will be able to create a marketplace of private modules within your organization for your team to easily access in their Terraform code.

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“As a devops engineer, as I open a Pull Request with Terraform infrastructure changes, I’d like to know what the Terraform plan would look like if my changes were to be applied on the target branch environment”

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