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env0 Enterprise is designed to suit the needs of organizations with specific requirements for custom operations, security, and unlimited monthly deployments. env0 offers enterprises additional enterprise-grade features like engineering support level and custom legal terms.

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Enhanced Security with Self Hosted Agent

We provide our enterprise customers with Secrets Management and Self Hosted Agents. Offering premier management of keys, tokens, cloud credentials, and other environmental variables at every level with a single configuration. Secrets are only stored on the customer’s account using the AWS Secrets Manager.

Single Sign On (SSO) and SAML

SSO via traditional username and password authentication, social networks, and enterprise federation. Configuration of enterprise connection via SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and managing team synchronization on your env0 organization.


env0 is SOC 2 Type II Compliant. SOC 2 Type II Compliance not only defines the parameters by which you should be complying but also audits and verifies the controls. Our SOC 2 Type II report is valid for 12 months so you can trust that your data is well protected.

Collaborate on infrastructure as code

env0 provides a collaborative remote-run environment to perform “runs” and simplify the governance of cloud deployments for Terraform, Terragrunt and other IaC frameworks. Get the Terraform or Terragrunt plans for all pull requests so you can approve the infrastructure change requests with maximum confidence. Define an approval process of critical environments like Production and review pending requests.

Policy and Governance

Easily create an access control model based on rich context like: users and teams, Git Repos, cloud accounts and environments. Set up policy-as-code guardrails based on the Open Policy Agent framework. Leverage env0’s cost estimation to get a sense of the cost of your resource before applying them, and also our robust resource tagging capability to correlate the actual cost overtime with your deployments.

Self-Service Infrastructure

Create infrastructure resource templates to be consumed for on-demand provisioning. Enable your developers and teams to spin-up, update and destroy an environment with one click, and easily track environment status or deployment history. env0 will enable you to better control your cloud budget by setting-up monthly limits on users, teams and projects.

Infrastructure as Code Automation

IaC Automation

Automate your Terraform and Terragrunt Git flows - “apply” on push, “plan” on pull request

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Teams and Governance

Teams and Governance

Get visibility, predictability and governance on your cloud deployments. Set up policy-as-code guardrails based on the OPA framework

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Managed Self-Service

Managed Self-Service

Design the controls and empower your teams with self-service cloud environments

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