The Pleo DevOps team relies on AWS to deliver their best-in-class corporate spending solution to thousands of customers across Europe and in every industry. As Pleo increased their deployments and development velocity, their roughly 100 person DevOps team encountered significant scaling challenges that slowed their ability to iterate rapidly and deploy new capabilities to the business.

They needed a solution that would both help reign in control over rapidly growing Terraform IaC use, and automate drift remediation across their entire IaC codebase. Solving both challenges resulted in increased app availability to end users and customers, and freed up valuable DevOps resources by automating drift remediation.

The env0 Solution

With the limitations of unmanaged IaC causing challenges, the Pleo DevOps team implemented env0 to solve their drift management issue. env0’s built-in drift management automatically detects drift and ensures real-world cloud resources align with the code, and notifies Pleo personnel when the drift occurs.

The result is new deployments happen faster, with more reliability, and cause fewer issues and questions because it is immediately apparent which changes are caused by environment drift, and which are related to changes in their Terraform code.

With special guest
Adam Jacob

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