Hi!  My name is Chris Noon and I’m excited to be joining env0 as a Sales Engineer based in Gibraltar, Europe! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain how I came to join env0.

Why Technical Sales?

I’ve spent a large portion of my career working in the background as an engineer or SME (subject matter expert). While I loved what I did, I found my real passion was helping people/customers solve problems! No person is ever the same and nor are the problems they want solved. That is what makes customer facing roles such an interesting and challenging area to be in.

My ethos is never to sell a solution for the sake of a sale. I want my recommendations, whether they be a product or a technology to solve one or many customer problems. In essence, I want my customers, now our customers to feel the value of their purchase.

Why env0?

Over my career I’ve worked in the traditional networking space, then SDN (Software Defined networking) and more recently Kubernetes. One thing I noticed in all three of these areas is that certain tasks are repeatable, which got me looking into automation. After dabbling in a number of languages, I found and fell in love with Terraform.

The more I played with Terraform (and other similar products) the more value I saw. I became obsessed with IaC, not only from a network perspective, but from a holistic solution perspective. I’ve helped customers with their journey into automation but occasionally the fear of complexities kept them from taking that final leap.

Enter env0

After learning about TACOS and env0 in particular, I was fascinated with what could be achieved. Taking many of the complex elements of automation and making them simple. When given the opportunity to join a startup with great people, great culture, great developers and a great product… how could I say no?

What’s next?

It would be naive of me to think I’m on top of my game. I have lots to learn about the current technology stacks and our customers, and there is also the constant and rapid development of the products we work with and the env0 platform itself.

I’ll be on a tremendous and constant learning curve over the next few years. Finding the right solutions for the right customers and helping solve as many problems as possible.

With special guest
Adam Jacob

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