Real-world example of how env0 enables it's engineering team with governed self-service to deploy environments in the cloud with Terraform.


Hey, I’m Tim Davis, DevOps advocate with env0. Today, we're going to talk about governance and self-service inside the env0 platform, and we're going to do that using the env0 platform that we use to deploy the app.

So, as you can see here, we're in the env0 Dev organization. This is going to be the actual production organization that we use. We've got three projects here: “env0 frontend deploy - Dev,” “env0 frontend deploy - Prod,” and also our “env0 lab.” Let's take a look at the settings that we have here for governance.

With this, we can come through and we can add all the users that we want to with the organization inside the “Organization” tab. They can be either a user or an admin. Users can be scoped down within the projects, but admins cannot.

So, if we go over to one of our projects—let's take a look at the “env0 frontend deploy” project. You can see we have two active environments that are running right now. Let's go ahead and take a look at our project settings.

Inside of the settings, we have our users, and with this we have several different roles that you can do. So, let's say that Alex all of a sudden wants to start contributing and actually deploying environments and things like that. So, let's see what kind of roles we can scope him to here.

We have :Viewer,” “Planner,” “Deployer,” and “Admin.” This really goes along with the process steps for Terraform. So, you can see we can actually set people up, and we can make sure who's able to see the organization, who's able to participate in the projects, and what level of participation they're actually able to do.

With “Planner,” you can go ahead and run the Terraform plan and it's good to go. It'll go ahead and wait for approval from somebody who is either a “Deployer” or an “Admin." Or, if you do have “Deployer," then you can go ahead and you're able to approve plans and run. And then of course, Admins can go through and see the full scope of settings, and they can manipulate users.

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