In the second iteration of Chris’ Corner, we will review the features released in the month of March. There were only 2 released last month, but no need to panic, they are both great features. 

  • Sub Projects - Create project granularity within env0, allowing users to create a hierarchical structure.
  • PR Comments With Role-Based Access - Map your VCS provider user to your env0's custom roles, and enforce their permissions while using the PR comment flow.

This month's highlighted feature will be Sub Projects.

What’s the problem?

env0 has a 3-tiered Architecture (Organization, Projects, and Environments). Organizations are typically based on company names or business unit names. Projects create the second layer of hierarchy allowing the logical separation of Environments, which is open to customer interpretation. Examples would be creating Production, Pre-production, and Staging projects or Data Center, Security, and Application projects. Within these Projects, customers would then place Environments.

In most use cases, this process works, but as our customers heavily adopted env0, a more freeform hierarchy was required.

How does env0 solve the problem?

env0’s new Sub Projects feature solves this by allowing nested Projects.  There is no limit to the number of nested Projects, meaning there is not just one more level to the hierarchy, but an endless amount!

The documentation to setup Sub Projects can be found here:

New Feature

In this example, I will create a 3 tiered project structure.

First, we create the initial project, called Production.

Name it accordingly and create a description if desired.

Once the initial project has been created, it will navigate you to the Sub Projects menu.  Here you are able to “Create new sub project”.

A similar window will be shown to create the Sub Project.  Name it accordingly and provide an optional description.

These steps can be repeated in Projects or Sub Projects to create the structure you need to organize your team.  

You can see a 3 tiered Project structure, having the Application1 within Applications and in turn within Production.

As mentioned before, there is no limitation to the number of levels within the hierarchy, we leave that decision up to you.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions you can reach out to Chris on LinkedIn, or schedule a demo with the Sales Engineering Team.

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