Virgin Media O2’s Digital Security Team uses Google Cloud Platform to deploy and manage multiple proof of concept (POC) environments that they use to test new architectures, applications, and capabilities for their growing company. Traditionally, these environments were set up using a variety of tools, sometimes taking hours to complete.

The team embraced env0 and shortened deployment times to less than ten minutes using a single click and a small set of variables.

Since introducing this new process, internal teams are lining up to join the platform because of its ease of use and speed.

The env0 solution

Moving IaC automation and execution to env0 was an easy decision for Virgin Media O2. The env0 capabilities allowed them to control their biggest challenges—all under one umbrella—while giving teams increased flexibility and control over what they need to do in order to accomplish their end goal.

Technical debt reduction

By using env0, deployments are no longer abandoned and left in unknown states after they are required. Deployments are set to expire and if a new one is needed, it can be created within minutes, ensuring the requirements are up to date, not to mention the cost savings associated with controlling cloud sprawl.

Seamless integration

Prior to env0, Virgin Media O2 teams first started defining their project in GitLab. After the project was defined, they needed to create credentials and inject them, often leaving them susceptible to a security breach, depending on where those credentials ended up. By managing this with env0, the entire process is now automated and steps previously missed, forgotten, or improperly completed, are now controlled by env0.

Streamlined Deployment

A deployment traditionally took hours to stand up. With the complexities involved around ensuring runners were configured properly, to the copy and pasting of keys, and configuration of NAT and peering, it could take up to half a day to set up a single POC deployment. Now, with a simple click and as few as five variables, a proof of concept can be created in less than 10 minutes.

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Adam Jacob

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