The Salt Security API Protection Platform provides API security across modern applications. The platform collects API traffic across the entire application landscape and applies AI/ML and big data to inventory all APIs, identify and stop attacks, and provide remediation insights to harden APIs.

The Salt Security platform identifies vulnerabilities in real time — in pre-production as well as production environments — and it integrates into app dev/build systems to ensure security from the moment APIs are created.

Changes in application frameworks, such as the adoption of Kubernetes, containers, and cloud native architectures, as well as innovation initiatives such as digital transformation, cloud migration, and app modernization, have all driven a huge increase in the volume of APIs and therefore the need for API security. As a result, the Salt Security team, backed by Sequoia Capital and CapitalG, began exploring new methods for development and ultimately the infrastructure that supported the testing of their applications.

The env0 solution

With env0, Salt Security manages and deploys Terraform from a unified platform. They now divide the appdev work into projects and environments, as well as provision, manage, and view all resources from a single platform. Among the ability to support the necessary DevOps and CI/CD solutions, the Salt Security team specified the following areas of improvement:

Developer Self Service

The env0 platform enabled developers to provision environments independently while adhering to organizational requirements and standard policies.

Pre-Process Capabilities

Salt Security reduced the number of configuration files and variables for most environments.

Finally, env0’s Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) quickly became a key differentiator for the Salt Security team. Their ability to restrict access to environments and projects, at a team, developer and cloud resource level was an extra benefit. Enforcing policies allows for shutting down specific environments during the weekend to save money.

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