ActiveFence is supporting online platforms to protect against harm and malicious behavior. In today’s digital age, it’s a complex feat requiring a lot of tooling across many teams. As the company has grown, their reliance on management tools has also increased. They traditionally used basic git workflows, with code living in various places to get things done. ActiveFence chose env0 because of its ease of use, logging capabilities and the fact they would no longer need to “manage their management solution”.

Prior to using env0, ActiveFence developers would clone code to their laptop, make changes, commit it and then try to integrate it into their overall solution. This workflow led to many complications and, in the words of ActiveFence, it was hard to keep things “calibrated”. Their new solution not only allows them to build centrally, but it shows what changes were applied, when, and also provides extensive logging to better help with troubleshooting.

Another challenge ActiveFence faced was code drift. As a growing company that was moving fast, high-quality documentation of the infrastructure suffered. With env0, they now have a central console giving everyone visibility into what they apply, where and when. This centralization also removed the need to build locally, reducing collisions with other builds caused by simultaneous Git pushes.

ActiveFence had several workflows and pipelines, but it was tough to connect them together and to reuse pieces from one workflow in another. Code reuse was also harder because of the underlying permissions on their infrastructure. Now, with code centrally managed, using env0, they can reuse one object in many projects without worrying about collisions or permissions. Reuse, coupled with pretty plan/graphical diff, makes it super easy for ActiveFence developers to identify and reduce complications in their environment.

The env0 solution

Another big feature ActiveFence sought was the ability for developers to use a self-service portal. With the env0 access control system and templates, this is on the cards as an achievable future project.

As ActiveFence continues to fine tune their use of env0, their staff say they have only scratched the surface of all the capabilities it can offer. Each change they make saves time, and  allows them to get their product out quicker, helping with the mission to support online platforms in protecting against harm and malicious behavior

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Adam Jacob

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