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Bringing The Power of Infrastructure as Code to Your Entire Team

We started env0 in 2019 with the goal of helping extend the power of Infrastructure as Code to everyone on the team.  We found the IaC frameworks are too focused on the purely technical elements of deploying infrastructure and missed the connection back to the business.  And the existing IaC management tools were all focused on just helping the SRE/DevOps team but not actually changing the way that deployments worked.

env0 is dedicated to providing the self service that your team expects from the cloud, while maintaining the governance, control, and visibility that you need to securely deploy your infrastructure with confidence.


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Ohad Maislish

CEO & Co-founder
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Omry Hay

CTO & Co-founder
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Justin Nemmers

VP of Marketing
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Alex Miller

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Guy Podjarny

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Reza Malekzadeh




Winners of The Junction Competition

Winners of TMTI Summit & Startup Competition

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