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R&D Environments

Keep your devs from having to submit tickets and wait on an SRE team to provision new environments

A mid-size software company wanted to their developers to be able to experiment and research new features and capabilities in dedicated environments, rather than shared ones. In order to stay compliant with their SOC II though, only their small SRE team could be given the necessary keys and permissions for actually provisioning infrastructure, leading to several day waits for developers when they needed new infrastructure provisioned.

env0's self-service platform means the dev team no longer has to wait for SRE to provision environments - and the SRE team can spend their time on higher value activities like designing optimal infrastructure, rather than just responding to tickets. Additionally, because env0 automatically tags and reports costs on all environments in manages, the team is able to get a much clearer picture of where and who is spending on cloud infrastructure.

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