Backstage, an open platform for building developer portals created by Spotify, enables product teams to ship high-quality code quickly and streamlines the development from end to end. Enabling engineering hyper growth at Spotify since 2016, Backstage is a hub for everything developers need to do their work -- including docs, runbooks, and API specs. Spotify saw engineering onboarding time drop by 55% in the two years after deploying Backstage internally while onboarding hundreds of engineers yearly. Roadie builds and supports Backstage for customers via their SaaS platform.

Roadie’s SaaS platform handles hosting, upgrades and security, ensuring that developers always have access to the latest Backstage features in a monetized business model.

Roadie’s platform enables developers to:

  • Cut onboarding time with discoverability
  • Customize Backstage using a drag-and-drop composer
  • Customize Backstage to their organization's needs
  • Easily make changes to accompany growth

The env0 solution

With continued growth of its engineering teams, Roadie chose env0 to improve developer productivity, reduce downtime and enable teams to ship high-quality code quickly. The env0 solution has delivered numerous benefits to Roadie:

  • With GitHub integration, Roadie can easily see the Terraform plan result before merging a Pull Request. Roadie can also be certain that after the PR is merged, the new code will run in production automatically.
  • By integrating env0 with Slack, Roadie no longer has to worry about problems in any of the workspaces as they will get any relevant notifications and be able to act on them.
  • With a Web UI, Roadie can easily browse all their workspaces and know what state they are in.
  • API-driven Terraform stack management allows Roadie to create, list and delete workspaces via an API, reducing weeks of work and effort. As a result, Roadie can build management services and scripts to on-board tenants quickly and easily.
  • Roadie benefits from the use of custom workflows for the creation and teardown of stacks. In particular, env0 allows Roadie to use custom workflows with a Kubernetes provider which does not handle expired tokens in Terraform. Furthermore, when a workspace is created, there are often a handful of tasks that must be completed outside Terraform and these are also handled in custom workflows.

All of this allows developers to focus on innovation and product development instead of getting bogged down with reinventing the wheel around repetitive tasks.

With special guest
Adam Jacob

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